Certek Web Screen

CERTEK Inc. is a new and improved maintenance program for facilities to use for their maintenance needs. This includes weekly, monthly, and other date range protocols.

Certek Problem
The Problem

We were faced with the challenge of merging the new business plan and maintenance program into an intuitive and user friendly mobile app. The idea is to allow maintenance personnel and users in the system to manage their tasks at a facility on a recurring schedule. The owners of app and business needed robust reporting on those tasks and facilities for great oversight of the maintenance program.

Certek Solution
The Solution

We implemented an outstanding user experiences within the app for maintenance personnel to manage their tasks. This included a card based system and dragging and dropping of tasks into different statuses. The key with the tasks in this particular system is that they had to regenerate on a particular schedule. The admins of the system were able to manage the users, clients, and tasks in the system through a web based admin portal to handle all of this.


We started by delving into the inner workings of the program so we could best understand how to incorporate and translate it into a mobile app. From there, we ensured we covered and handled all of the use cases and scenarios regarding the regeneration of tasks, and other various complex features. After designing the custom user interface, we proceeded to development and testing to deliver the final product.

Technologies Used
Go Language Technology
Spotify Technology
android & Java Technology
Amazon Relational Database Technology