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Client Expectations

The client wanted a fitness app that was very distinct and flexible. We needed to build a fully fledged system for uploading/playing videos, managing thousands of users, and handling meal plan recommendations on a person-to-person basis, all while remaining performant and intuitive. The client also wanted a three-tiered subscription system integrated with in-app purchases to generate revenue and give users exclusive access to specific features as well as the option for a free trial.

Strive Process

We designed the application so users would find it intuitive. There should be zero confusion when navigating such a robust array of features. The interface is smooth and has fast screen loading times, preventing the frustration of using an app that disappoints. After all, who wants to use an app that doesn’t load fast?

Unique Outcome

Thousands and thousands of users, hundreds of workout videos, a caloric intake calculator, a local music library player, and Spotify player integration — all these features make this app one of a kind. The admin can log into a web-based interface to upload workout videos, customize meal plans and recipes, manage users on a personal basis, and much more, creating a fantastic end-user experience.

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Strive Mobile Screen
Technologies Used
PHP & Laravel Technology
android & Java Technology
Swift Technology
Spotify Technology

We created our timeline with the goal of keeping the client’s user base from waiting to long and losing interest in the product. We developed solely around this thought and were actively engaged in the client’s communications with users for their feedback. We wanted to ensure the users were set and ready for an exciting launch.

Mobile first development
Mobile first development (Admin panel/portal)
Sleek and modern color palette
Sleek and modern color palette
Mobile Interface
Intuitive and navigable interface
Customize Web Interface
Complete customization from the back web interface to display content in the app